Unicode tables are working

Sunday, March 13, 2011
In between doing my taxes and working on a few OS X related build bugs, I managed to get the Unicode stuff to the point where it is ready to be checked in. Now we can do fun stuff like this:

    assertEq('\u01DE', Character.toUpperCase('\u01DE')); // Latin capital letter A with diaresis and macron
    assertEq('\u01DE', Character.toUpperCase('\u01DF')); // Latin small letter A with diaresis and macron
    assertEq('\uA764', Character.toUpperCase('\uA764')); // Latin capital letter thorn with stroke
    assertEq('\uA764', Character.toUpperCase('\uA765')); // Latin small letter thorn with stroke

And the whole set of tables weighs in at around 20k or so.


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