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Tuesday, December 15, 2009
I recently redid the way that the Tart documentation is being hosted.

Now that Google Code has the ability to host multiple Mercurial repositories per project, I have split off the compiled documentation into a separate repository. The documentation sources are still in the same repo as the compiler sources, as they should be. (Because one should ideally change with the other, although the docs are sadly out of date.)

So here's how it all works: on my laptop I have two local Mercurial repositories, 'tart' and 'tart-docs'. The 'build/html' directory in 'tart' is a symlink to 'tart-docs'. Thus, whenever I do a "make html", it updates the 'tart-docs' repository. Then all I have to do is an hg commit and hg push to update the documentation on the site. Since Google Code's Mercurial support is able to host the raw HTML files straight out of the repository (with images and CSS, no less!), it means that as soon as I check in, the updated docs are immediately visible. Really neat!

You can see the lovely results here:

BTW, did I mention how great Sphinx and Pygments are? And how awesome Georg Brandl is?

-- Talin


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